Student Support Team (SST)

Welcome to the Student Support Team Webpage
The goal of the Student Support Team (SST) is to address concerns affecting a student's school performance and to implement an intervention plan following the Response to Intervention (RTI) model.  Such concerns may be academic, emotional, behavioral, medical, and/ or social.  The RTI model addresses each Tier of academic intervention. The SST sets goals and implements targeted interventions specific to the student's needs.  The goal of the SST is to have the student respond to the targeted interventions in place, thus allowing the child to achieve his or her goal.  When the student does not respond to the intervention, other interventions are tried as the SST further addresses higher Tiers of the RTI model.
At this site, you will be able to find information describing the RTI model and each of its Tiers.  RTI is mandated legislation by the State of New York and requires the SST to try targeted instructional interventions before referring a student to the Committee of Special Education.  Teachers are able to locate SST forms needed for the referral process, along with forms needed for documentation of RTI interventions.  You will also find a section that provides targeted interventions for instruction depending on the student's weak area of performance.  The SST Webpage addresses all the components of RTI - identification, assessment, implementation of interventions, and progress monitoring of goals.
Triangle divided in three parts displaying RTI tiers.  Tier 1 is at the bottom, and includes universal screening and benchmarking of all students. Tier 2 is in the middle and contains identifying strengths and weaknesses and progress monitoring. Tier 3 is at the top and contains diagnostic testing and intensive progress monitoring.
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