Essential Things Parents Should Know

1.  There should ALWAYS be homework written in the planner.  Never accept I didn’t have any.  Planners should be checked every night at home and signed. 

2.  All late assignments will be penalized by losing a point from their incentive totals.  Also, each child will fill out a homework form explaining the reason for his/her being unprepared.  When four assignments have been late, the form is sent home for a parent signature. 

3.   All assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  Children will become part of “Lunch Bunch” if they owe work.  These children will eat lunch in the classroom to complete their work.  Also, children can ask to stay if they need help with anything.  If a child falls way behind, they will be asked to come to school early to complete their work. 

4.   All homework assignments can be corrected to raise their grade.  Corrections should be done on a separate sheet of paper with a heading and an answer column stapled to the original paper.  Their grade can be raised to a 90% once corrected. 

5.   Final tests will be sent home for parent signatures to keep you aware of their progress.  Please return to school.       

6.   The children are responsible to copy and complete 10 math problems weekly to review concepts.  It is always due on Friday mornings by 9:05.  This is called Math BB. 
7.   The children can receive up to three warnings throughout the day for inappropriate behaviors.  Once three have been received, the children will lose a privilege and not be a participate in our Friday drawings.  Prizes may include candy, snacks, homework passes, books, and many other ideas.  

8. We will have a snack, SSR period each day for 15 minutes.  Please send your child with a snack daily and a good book to read! 

9. Feel free to email me with concerns, questions, and always good news!
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